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Rice husks successfully used to remove microcystin toxins from water

— 6 de Maio de 2019, 14:22

University of Toledo research identifies another potential -- and renewable -- tool to fight harmful algal blooms.

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Water Now Inc. installs HydraSpin Mobile HS3000 unit in Oklahoma

— 6 de Maio de 2019, 14:20

Five additional units expected to be installed this month.

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EPA awards $3.9M for PFAS research

— 3 de Maio de 2019, 12:09

Two grants for research to improve understanding of human and ecological exposure to PFAS in the environment awarded to university programs.

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The Maine Road to a Water Career

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 16:45
The imminent retirement of a large number of water and wastewater professionals will leave a gaping hole to fill as years of experience and historical knowledge go with them. Attracting new talent to the industry is critical.
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The Value of WWEMA Membership

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 16:30
Mike Dimitriou, president of WRT, details what he sees as both the personal and professional value to membership in the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association.
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Standing out from the Cloud

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 16:24
The UAE is leading the world in advancing rain enhancement science, demonstrating its vision and commitment to helping those in need in arid regions and beyond gain access to water.
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Smart Water Monitoring Down Under

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 16:14
Maintaining water quality requires constant monitoring and testing to ensure accurate measurements are being taken. Traditionally this has involved time-consuming calibration and maintenance. A shire council in New South Wales, Australia, however, has decided to do things differently.
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Intelligent Analysis Is at Hand

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 16:08
Most used for municipal distribution system monitoring, Hach’s new Pocket Colorimeter, the DR300, is ready for the data-driven world.
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Promoting Cross-Sector One Water Solutions

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:59
Traditionally, the planning and water management sectors have tended to collaborate solely within their own communities, but it is important to bridge this disconnect not just within a given community but also across communities.
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Leveraging Digital Technology and Big Data for Better Water Utility Operations

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:49
The digital and machine learning transformation will immensely improve the way water/wastewater is collected, transported, treated and utilized.
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Confidently Manage, Share and Secure Your Data with Software-as-a-Service

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:44
With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), utilities can gain a deeper understanding of their information while also managing, sharing and securing their data more easily than ever.
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The Ratepayer Is Asking: What’s in It for Me?

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:41
People hate surprises, at least on their utility bills. And some customers want to know if all of their conservation efforts are paying off, in real time.
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Enhanced Protection Against Corrosion

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:38
Standard polywrap creates a barrier between the surface of the pipe and corrosive soil. VB3™ Enhanced Polyethylene takes this a few steps further by actually fighting corrosion.
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Potable Water Management 4.0

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:35
Remotely monitored and unattended, automated plants must be considered an integrated part of today’s sustainable water management 4.0 technologies.
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How to Apply and Maintain a Photometric/Colorimetric Analyzer

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:32
Photometric/colorimetric analyzers can be used to monitor ammonium and orthophosphate. Keys to a successful installation are proper application and maintenance of the instrument.
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True Water Management for EJ Water

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:18
Early in 2014, Badger Meter offered a solution that would provide EJ Water with the water management system and the leading edge technology they were looking for.
☑ ☆ ✇ WaterWorld.com

Simplifying Remote Asset Security for South Lake Tahoe

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:15
For South Tahoe, security, specifically safeguarding facility assets, is a top priority. However, remembering complex passwords and expecting administrators to track multiple passwords across resources presented challenges.
☑ ☆ ✇ WaterWorld.com

Preparing a Beachside City for Future Storm Events

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:12
Long Branch, N.J., decided to retrofit its current drainage system with Proco ProFlex™ Style 730 and Proco ProFlex™ Style 790 duckbill check valves, which would allow the city to achieve its objectives without needing to modify much of its current infrastructure.
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Reliable, Accurate Water Quality Testing

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:08
Water quality testing requirements are diverse and complex. The kind of instrumentation needed to meet the needs of this exacting array of uses must be reliable, accurate, simple to use, and also must be very flexible.
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Safer, Faster, Easier Pipe Cutting

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:05
The ICS Utility power cutter addresses operator safety with its revolutionary grinding technology which virtually eliminates rotational kickback and improves operator positioning when cutting pipe.
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PFAS solution for U.S. Air Force Base in Interior Alaska

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 15:02
When Eielson Air Force Base, located in the interior of Alaska, found high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in its drinking water, it needed a solution that was effective, cost-efficient, and operable in extreme temperatures.
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Control Total Organic Carbon and Trihalomethane Formation

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 14:51
A comprehensive plan to reduce THM formation starts with the effective removal and monitoring of total organic carbon in the water treatment plant, which requires an accurate means to verify TOC levels in both the raw water and finished water.
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Controlling Disinfectant Residuals

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 14:26
Medora Corporation’s ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control is a continuous residual monitoring and disinfectant delivery platform for both chlorine and chloramine applications.
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Chemical Metering Pump Replacement at Camp Pendleton

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 14:23
Blue-White’s ProSeries-M® MD-3 pumps maintained an accurate and continuous flow, providing smooth chemical dosing and eliminating the need for a pulsation dampener at the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps.
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Level Instrumentation Meets NSF Standards for Water Quality

— 2 de Maio de 2019, 14:20
With the emergence of safety concerns over water quality in public water supplies, municipalities are making strides to better conform to preexisting and amended safety regulations.
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King County selects Brown and Caldwell to develop Clean Water Plan

— 24 de Abril de 2019, 18:32

Plan to chart a pathway for regional water quality investments.

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Wessex Water achieves 75% saving with enhanced process

— 24 de Abril de 2019, 18:28

Retrofit of repurposed circular sludge tank doubles process capacity.

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Black & Veatch consortium advances Ganges restoration project

— 23 de Abril de 2019, 12:58

Prayagraj wastewater program moved into design-build phase.

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Utilities Survey says manual processes inhibit customer service, outage response

— 23 de Abril de 2019, 12:45

Results show 65 percent lack timely, accurate information from their service providers.

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U.S. drinking water products standards published as national standards of Canada

— 23 de Abril de 2019, 11:50

American National Standards NSF/ANSI 60 and NSF/ANSI 61 updated with Canadian requirements, published as National Standards of Canada.

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Evoqua to design, manufacture and install turnkey wastewater treatment facility for Carolina Water Service

— 22 de Abril de 2019, 12:41

Project will include the installation of a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system to extend useful life and improve efficiency.

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Conserving the World’s Most Precious Resource

— 22 de Abril de 2019, 12:19

How citizens and municipalities are saving water.

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Anue Water Technologies to distribute Pi2 Technologies' Geo-Membrane products.

— 19 de Abril de 2019, 11:35

Anue is a manufacturer of Ozone and oxygen generation and related systems for industrial wastewater plants.

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Scientists invent handheld device for quick monitoring of drinking water quality

— 19 de Abril de 2019, 11:31

NTU scientists developed a portable device, inspired by the ability of the human body, to detect trace levels of heavy metals in drinking water in just five minutes.

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SUEZ marks first commercial installation of new MGF system

— 18 de Abril de 2019, 11:19

Project includes filter rehabilitation of the water treatment plant at the Glacier Club in Durango, Colo.

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Eaton lands Gaza wastewater treatment plant contract

— 17 de Abril de 2019, 11:15

Contract to provide complete power distribution and industrial Control solutions for the Khan Younis Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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SUEZ membranes to be installed at largest tertiary UF plant in Israel

— 16 de Abril de 2019, 12:46

Zeeweed 1000 Ultrafiltration Membranes will be used as part of a process upgrade of the Sorek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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Oxford University: Rapid urbanization increasing pressure on rural water supplies

— 16 de Abril de 2019, 11:00

Study found North America and Asia are hotspots for rural-to-urban water reallocation, with the practice on the rise in Asia.

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Ovivo Acquires Westech Industrial

— 16 de Abril de 2019, 10:56

Westech Industrial Inc., doing business as Varec Biogas designs, services and distributes biogas safety and handling equipment.

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WaterWorld Weekly Newscast, April 15, 2019

— 16 de Abril de 2019, 10:41

A transcript of the WaterWorld Weekly Newscast for April 15, 2019. 

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Royal HaskoningDHV acquires Ambiental

— 15 de Abril de 2019, 14:28

Merger will accelerate growth of flood-related digital services.

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I.E.S. develops technology to mine sea water

— 15 de Abril de 2019, 12:25

German invention aims to solve the global water shortage without harming the environment.

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US Water Alliance, Council of State Governments release State Policymakers' Toolkit for Water

— 15 de Abril de 2019, 12:11

The State Policymakers' Toolkit provides decision makers and advocates with models of successful initiatives and policies from across the U.S.

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Applications open for Utility of the Future Today recognition program

— 10 de Abril de 2019, 14:29

WRF to honor water resource recovery facilities for community engagement, watershed stewardship and resource recovery.

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EPA accepting nominations for Stormwater Finance Workgroup members

— 9 de Abril de 2019, 14:26

Expert consultants sought to fill positions on task force, part of America's Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA).

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Miami-Dade County receives nearly $100M in WIFIA funding

— 8 de Abril de 2019, 14:33

Administrator Wheeler visits Miami and announces $99.7 Million Water Infrastructure Loan.

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Kendra II, LLC and De Nora near completion of produced water recycling facility

— 8 de Abril de 2019, 13:32

ClorTec technology and recycling process will provide Marcellus Shale operators with affordable recycled water.

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Energy Recovery awarded $8.8M for desalination projects in Saudi Arabia

— 5 de Abril de 2019, 13:36

Facilities will produce up to 380,000 cubic meters of water per day, equivalent to filling more than 150 Olympic-sized swimming pools daily.

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DuPont announces name change for Dow Microbial Control

— 5 de Abril de 2019, 13:30

New brand represents rich heritage of two market leaders with combined global power to advance microbial control innovation and bio-based solutions for a better tomorrow.

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Majority of voters support increasing federal investment in water infrastructure

— 5 de Abril de 2019, 13:22

Results from the Fourth annual Value of Water Index show 85% of voters are in favor of federal funding for water infrastructure.